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Part of the Found Bespoke ethic is to buy less, and wear more. To cherish what we already have, and see the beauty in that which others have discarded.

It could be a vintage piece that has found it's way to a new home but just needs a little bit of care and attention, a random item that may not even be otherwise considered for its new purpose, or perhaps a treasured heirloom that holds all the sentiments of a loved one but not quite the same style as its new owner. 

Here are a few examples of the ways that Found Bespoke can rework, refit, restyle and rescue lost treasures to create a contemporary and completely unique garment for any special occasion. 

second hand rose corset pic.jpg

Second Hand Rose Corset:

Made entirely from scraps of lace and silk from left-over wedding gowns, all appliqued by hand. Tulle skirt from remnants of fabric shop, suitable to mix and match. 

Amity sneak pic.jpg

Amity Dress: 

Entire dress designed to integrate a piece of Irish Crochet found on a Victorian Lampshade, potentially from that era but looks possibly older still! 

viola dress pic.jpg

Viola Gown:

Made from a vintage 60's shell top and a pair of thrifted curtains. (Thanks, Aunty Pat!)