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Treasure Hunts

Romany Kemp-Ghani

When creating a garment, the perfect fabrics are always a struggle to find, waiting and wandering for that right one, that moment where you know it when you see it... Sound familiar in anything more than just fabrics?!

However, it becomes even more complex when one needs to search through the overlooked, the pre-loved, and the misguided fabrics, trinkets and pieces of clothing. Limits suddenly become applied, designs need to be thought out carefully and the time taken to find such pieces is doubled instantly. It certainly adds a tricksome element to the whole process. 

And yet, there is something ultimately magical about it all. 

What sounds like a struggle is an infinite treasure hunt, but sourcing for me has always been about intuition and adventure, and there is nothing more rewarding than finding particular pieces of clothing that can be made anew, worn trinkets that that can become precious embellishments and the overcoming of challenges posed by limits of items, in order to create the perfect garment. 

Stories become the heart of the clothing. 

When searching for these lost loves, the human element becomes apparent in each piece; there is a tale in each necklace or gown, and when queried about the objects I find (and there are often inquisitive discussions started in the most surreal places), there is a real sense of enthusiasm handed over with the items found. People are keen to know how their unusable items will be given a new life, inspired by the ethos of Found. 

There is a well-wishing within each piece before it is even made into an ensemble, threads of a story woven together to create entirely unique items just for you. Ultimately, there is a treasure trove just waiting for you to choose what calls to you, to make your own unique piece of art. 

Find out more on the bespoke process and the way you can create your own unique garment at Found's Bespoke Process