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You found us...

Romany Kemp-Ghani

Welcome to the Blog of 'Found' bespoke bridal and occasionwear! 

Found's Blog is dedicated to showing you the inspiration, design and bespoke hand-crafting that goes into each and every one of your garments, and our journey of creating them and showcasing them along the way! Found is a project born of  wanderlust, a love for natural beauty and a respect for the environment.

Even as a child, I have always been in love with the notion of salvaging treasures, of taking something a little worn and from days long since gone, and creating something beautiful from it. What inspires me is the free-spirited, the daring and passionate, and the enchanting souls that can see true beauty in a piece of wearable art, and it is for these people that I create one-off pieces.

It's good to be a little different, and with the bespoke process that I have employed from training in Costume Design, brides will have a garment suited to their uniqueness in silhouette and in style.  What I also am fond of is the eco-friendly aspect of a garment, it is in the ethos of the brand to care for nature fiercely, as it grounds us, inspires us, and cares for us. We should do the same, and with the repurposing aspect of fabric and embellishment sourcing, your unique choices lessen the impact of mass production of products. 

Found has sparked a  community of different souls, each with their own dream of the perfect pieces of wearable art, and we hope you follow us on the journeys we go on with each of these people... what can we say, we're so glad you 'Found' us! 

Much love and luck, 

Romany xoxo