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Found Bespoke - Artisan Bespoke Garments

Photography by  On Love and Photography

Found Bespoke is a hand-made, artisan collection of one-off pieces, that are hand-crafted and embellished with "found" upcycled and repurposed items and fabrics, with no two garments alike in detail.

“Found” is the concept that fuels my ideas, in the sense that I collect inspiration from the objects and notions that nature and cultures produce, and I incorporate these ‘found’ elements into the designs that are then uniquely treasured pieces to be ‘found’ by the customer. 

 My work is concerned with ethically found and reused objects, and I am interested in working under the notion of “Slow Fashion”, a sustainable movement involving upcycling and handcrafting bespoke garments that benefits the environment as well as the customer. 


My idea goes hand in hand with the notion that each person is unique, and therefore should have a treasured piece of art just as individual as they are."
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